Rules and Regulations regarding requesting an IVAO tour

All principles and regulations stated in this document are MANDATORY for divisional or world tours in IVAO network.

  • General requirements for applicants :

  1. Be a member of Iran Air Virtual Airlines for more than 1 month

  2. At least have First Officer rating in IRA Virtual system.

  3. At the time of request must have completed at least 70 hours of flying in IRA Virtual in the working year.

  4. Members can request to participate in maximum of 1 tour simultaneously.

  • Operational regulations :

  1. If applicant does not complete the requested tour he/she will not be allowed to participate in any tours for 1 year.

  2. All pilots are required to use Iran Air call sign during online flights. This is MANDATORY and those who do not respect this rule will we banned from next year tours.

  • Technical regulations:

  1. All applicants are responsible for transfer flights of their aircraft to and from base of operations to start location of tour. They can find another member to do the transfer flights for them.

  2. Applicants must have respected type rating for the aircraft they are requesting. Technical department is not responsible for this matter and applicants must follow operational procedures of the airline to obtain their requested type ratings.

  3. The use of any aircraft in main fleet is strictly prohibited for tours.

  4. Leasing option is available for aircraft requested for tours.

  • Special regulations:

  1. Determination of tours being justified financially or otherwise is completely Management decision. Management can reject any tours at any moment as he sees fit.

  2. Management can intervene and change regulations for particular members as he sees fit.

  3. The duties of flight planning and oversight over correct performance in tours falls directly under Chief Operations Officer duties.

  4. All operational duties for aircraft management such as distribution, maintenance, and other related matter falls directly under Director of Technical Department duties.